COVID 19 Terms & Conditions

We want you to have the best stay possible and have confidence that everything has been done to minimise risk of infection for you and others.  In order for your stay to take place there are a number of things which we need to do to keep us all as safe as possible, this includes guests, hosts, cleaning contractors and the local community. 

There are some changes to the way in which we can accommodate you.  Below are:

  1. COVID 19 specific terms and conditions (T & Cs) and House Rules, You will need to agree these through any Advertising Company or by emailed scanned/signed copy to us before we can proceed with your stay and access to the property. If, after reviewing them, you are uncomfortable it is open for you to contact Airbnb/ TripAdvisor/Booking.Com/HomeAway or Jurassic Coast Ltd.  to seek a cancellation and obtain a refund (please note we do not receive any Airbnb/Trip Advisor/ Booking.Com payment until your stay has commenced). Should you have booked your stay directly with Jurassic Coast Ltd. then you are not entitled to your non-refundable deposit of £100 to secure your dates.
  1. Changes we have had to make to ensure your stay is safe in the ongoing health crisis.


  1. COVID 19 Terms & Conditions


I agree that all guests will adhere to UK Government COVID guidelines and regulations particularly concerning shielding individuals, travel requirement’s, family groupings, hygiene and social distancing measures.  If I am unable to commit to these COVID 19 Terms & Conditions I will cancel my booking through Airbnb/TripAdvisor/Booking.Com/HomeAway & Jurassic Coast Ltd.

Prior to your stay


If I or those coming with me:

·         are experiencing any suspected symptoms associated with COVID 19

·         have confirmed COVID 19

·         have been instructed to isolate/self-quarantine through NHS track/trace

·         are isolating as a result of contact with any person with suspected or confirmed COVID

I and accompanying guests agree not travel to the property and will initiate a cancellation through AirBNB/TripAdvisor/Booking.Com or direct with Jurassic Coast Ltd.

During your stay


I agree to arrive at or after the amended 5pm check in time unless agreed with the host in advance (if your stay begins on a day that previous guests depart this will be unlikely) – this is important due to the ‘soak times’ required between departing guests and cleaning contractors entering the property (min 3 hrs prior to commencing clean).


Whilst staying at the property if I or any of my party:

·         are experiencing any suspected symptoms associated with COVID 19

·         are diagnosed with suspected COVID 19

·         have been instructed to isolate/self-quarantine through NHS track/trace

·         enter self – quarantine as a result of contact with any person with suspected or confirmed COVID

I will immediately contact the host to inform them.  As a ‘rule of thumb’ I agree to vacate the property as a group and return to permanent home addresses as soon as practicable on the day of notification. Jurassic Coast Ltd. will initiate a cancellation utilising the extenuating circumstances policy for any days that you will not be remaining for.


In extenuating circumstances as per (4.) above (e.g. inability to travel or guest receiving local hospitalised treatment), and, subject to discussed agreement with the host your stay may be authorised and an extension given to facilitate self-quarantine if needed.  If an extension is required I agree to pay for any additional nights at the advertised rate and to compensate for any additional costs incurred by the Host (e.g. any cancellation fees incurred as the result of cancelling near future guest bookings).


Cleaning of the property, prior to your arrival, will have been undertaken in accordance with the Airbnb COVID 19 cleaning commitment with the additional protocols of our cleaning contractor in line with mitigation outlined in the risk assessment for the property.  If circumstances arise as at (4. & 5) I will inform the hosts if a positive COVID 19 test has transpired. I agree to an additional COVID deep cleaning fee of £150.00 in these circumstances

On Departure


I agree to adhere to the departure checklist which includes the following COVID specific actions:

·         To depart the on or before 9am, unless agreed with the host in advance (it will be unlikely if new guests will be arriving on the day of departure)

·         Remove all bedding, including mattress and pillow protectors and deposit them in room specific clear laundry bags as supplied.

·         To leave the property as I found it utilising anti-bacterial wipes and spray (supplied) on relevant surfaces in kitchen, bathrooms and high touch areas as detailed in guest checkout list to minimise potential infection risk to staff/contractors.

·         Remove all rubbish, including from room/bathroom bins which will be placed in black disposal sacks and removed from the property to the external designated bins outside.

Following Your Stay


Within the seven (7) days following your departure if I or any of my party:

·         experience any suspected symptoms associated with COVID 19

·         have contracted confirmed or suspected COVID 19

I will immediately inform Jurassic Coast Ltd. so that any necessary measures can be taken in relation to staff who may have had contact associated with the property at the time of your stay or immediately following it, including guests who have followed your party.  I also agree to provide details of any relevant contacts you and your party may have had in Dorset if in contact with to NHS Track & Trace.



  1. COVID 19 changes relating to your stay

We have put in place a COVID 19 Risk Assessment which is frequently reviewed along with stringent cleaning and sanitising protocols as contained in the Airbnb Cleaning Commitment and supplemented by our newly appointed accredited cleaning contractor.  We have minimised the risk of infection as far as possible. Our documented cleaning protocols and risk assessment is available on request.

The following changes have necessarily been made to enable us to open our property for your stay and to make things as safe as possible for you, future guests, our community and those supporting your stay.

  • Due to infection risks towels and kitchen linen will not be available for your stay, please bring your own with you.
  • Bed linen will be in place at the property, please note that it is laundered to recommended COVID 19 specification. Pillows, mattresses and soft furnishings are also treated with recommended sanitising products.  We do not recommend bringing your own bed linen, if you wish to do so then please let us know beforehand.
  • Our complimentary welcome packages will not currently be available due to infection risks associated with the current crisis. We are however leaving in situ a small starter package.
  • Guidelines unfortunately mean that we have had to remove all non-essential items from the property, including hair dryers, books, DVDs, board games and beach equipment.
  • An additional supply of sanitising products will be in place at the property.
  • Local information concerning shopping deliveries, takeaway delivery, local food suppliers and any known localised COVID measures will be able to be downloaded from our website and further advice will be available through Jurassic Coast Ltd.

These remain difficult times for all and the changes necessary are there to keep us all as safe as possible.  I hope you understand and please contact me or Rachel with any questions you may have.  If the changes made leave you uncomfortable, as they have for us, we completely understand should you wish to cancel through Airbnb.

We look forward to meeting you & your friends or family.

Take care & Stay Safe.

Michele King